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A Planting Plan in Devon

Planting Plans

A Planting Plan allows your designer to physically map out the type and number of plants that are needed to fufil your brief as a client.  The Plan allows the development of a plant schedule (the physical list of plants required) and from that accurate costings can be produced and effective plant sourcing undertaken.

South Devon Garden Design

Costing a Garden Design

Sam Westcott Garden Design Devon Here's a quick look at one of the gardens that I designed this spring, it’s just entering the tender stage and before that process, I always run through a pre-tender estimate with my client.  That allows me to confidently assure the client that their garden will be to the specification they want and at a price they are prepared to spend.  There are no surprises.  I pride myself on creating 

Devon Garden Designer Concept Drawings

Concept Drawings - Getting it right for the client

Here's a peek (albeit from a distant drawing board) of my latest garden design for a client.  It's at the concept stage, some changes need to be made and then it's off to final finish and a set of detailed planting plans and construction details.

Quick Sketch - Sam Westcott Garden Design - Devon

A Garden Designer can save you money

Employing a Garden Designer can be a big undertaking and I think it is worth outlining the reasons why a good designer will more than earn their keep.

1.  The designer is independent.

Devon Wall - an alternative screen - Scotscape System

Vertical Gardening Walls - Use it in Devon?

Looking out of a client's widow - with a view to quoting on some new privacy screening, I decided to broach the subject of using a new vertical wall system instead of the more tradition screening provided by planting and hard landscaping.

So what does a Vertical Wall Planting System look like?


A Planting Plan in Devon

Planting Plans

A Planting Plan allows...

South Devon Garden Design

Costing a Garden...

Here's a quick look at...